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AANA Service

What is the AANA Service?

Tonic and CloudMargin have teamed up to offer an AANA service you can trust.

Tonic’s regulatory experts will analyse your trading book and legal status to ensure the correct methodology for your firms AANA calculation is applied.

CloudMargin’s award-winning cloud technology will consolidate your data, normalise and calculate your AANA and provide dynamic real-time reporting of your AANA over time, by product and legal entity.

Five service components:

  1. Regulatory Profiling
  2. Upfront AANA Calculation
  3. Ongoing AANA Calculations
  4. AANA Alerts & dynamic reporting
  5. Expertise-led Advice
  6. Breach Safety Net

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To learn more about AANA, read more below.


Why is AANA important?

Calculating your Average Aggregate Notional Amount (or AANA) is a regulatory requirement and determines whether your firm is in-scope of the Phase 6 UMR Initial Margin rules.

Having an accurate and early view of your AANA is critical but, calculating AANA can be complex.

Data consolidation and normalisation, jurisdictional application and treatment of funds all need careful consideration and regulators will expect a robust process underpinning it.

That’s why firms need an accurate view of AANA to be confident in.

Firms below the threshold can demonstrate their exclusion with confidence, whilst those above can take proactive action – either for compliance readiness or deploying tactics that bring AANA down ahead of the formal observation dates.

Want a deep dive on AANA, view our guide here!

With CloudMargin + Tonic, you have partners with the expertise to help you navigate it all. 


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